Hi, I'm Suraj Wagle

entrepreneur on education, construction and travel managing change and discovery.

Hungry, ambitious, and loves to give back by openly sharing his process.


Suraj Wagle is one of Nepal’s entrepreneurs on education, construction and
travel managing change and discovery. His insights in these fields have made him the first choice of organizations seeking a profile whose message will transform lives, create tangible results and restore commitment in these uncertain times. Suraj astonishingly inspirational talks are fully customized through practical content that people can use immediately and carefully
designed to help individuals move to all-new levels of passion, creativity and individual fulfillment.

Personal Info

I believe in giving back to the community by exploring the opportunities around me.

Suraj Wagle
wagle.surajnp@gmail.com 9860685173/9802028467
New Baneshwor,Kathmandu

Business Ventures

Mars Educational Consultant

Career Counseling Documentation and Visa Application Test Preparation and Language Classes Educational Seminars and Workshops Hospitality Travel and Leisure Internship Certiport Authorized Training Center

Greet Nepal Travel and Trek Services

Trekking Services Tour Services (inbound/Outbound) Air Ticketing (Domestic/International)

HDS Interior Decoration Pvt Ltd

Corporate Interior Designing Interior Consultancy Services
Turnkey Products
Modular Office Furniture
Electrical Services
CCTV Security and Access Control Systems


Master Of Rural Development

Tribhuvan University( 2019-2021) https://tribhuvan-university.edu.np/

Bachelor of Arts(Major English)

Tri Chandra Multiple Campus (2014-2018) https://trichandra campus.edu.np/

Diploma of Architectural Technology

Edinburgh College (2011-2013) https://www.edinburgh college.ac.uk/

High School and Schooling

CCRC(2008-2010) https://ccrc.edu.np/ SOS HGS Gandaki https://soshgs gandaki.edu.np/


Communicator with multitasking abilities, a good team player with leadership skills

As an educational Consultant our progressive thinking, regular operation of test preparation classes, one to one personal counseling as per individual need and creative approach make us stand out from the rest. I do not simply dwell on greatest constrains affecting international students; rather we focus on creative approaches in solving problems on behalf of students. We are committed to facilitate students by opening door to internationally acclaimed university degrees, and to offer them admission on institutions in almost 25 destinations along with placement, scholarship and internship programs.

My deep interest in interior design since my childhood has helped me to understand how much important and influence can your living space has with your life. Spending few years in college has also helped me to gain basic knowledge but my immense curiosity and reading various Architectural books along related journals helped me to understand the core aspect of interior design. I not only emphasize on modern technology rather I equally follow astrology  and make your space time relevant and  sustainable.  

I make the ultimate travel design with widest selection of beautiful destination. The journey of a thousand miles only begins with the single foot step. I personally and our team has brought the experts in the industry, guaranteeing both a unique understanding of its global clients with the tailored made itinerary.

Ethics 100%
Clear Communication 88%
Decisiveness 90%
Growth Mindset 95%
Yoga and Meditation
Public Speaking